Maharishi 9013 Blake Hooded Sweat

Organic Cotton Jersey 170 - Tigardstripe portrait print

  • Chest Screenprint
  • Regular fit
  • Made in Portugal

A portrait of SS19's inspiration, William Blake is redacted with a 'Tigardstripe' camouflage - an amalgamation of two of nature's camouflage masters, the tiger and leopard. Duality, is a concept deeply embedded within the maharishi ethos, has sought to express the balanced interaction of what can initially seem like opposing forces. This idea was also explored by the 17th century mystic, artist and visionary poet, William Blake in a series of texts, rejecting the conventional archetypes of good and evil. The 'shattered' maharishi logo is a nod to cubism; a highly influential art movement that was key in the development of camouflage.

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