Maharishi 8032 Camo Appliqué L/S T-Shirt

Organic Cotton Jersey 190 DPM: Chacruna Forest Stripe

  •     MAHA back appliqué
  •     Ribbed cuffs and collar
  •     Regular fit
This season’s disruptive pattern DPM: Chacruna Forest unifies the nations by blending elements of Cuban, Belgian, and U.S. camouflage patterns, whilst adding a hallucinogenic twist to Cuba’s ‘Elm Leaf’ camouflage by infiltrating the background branches with ayahuasca shaped vines, and updating the Elm leaf to the shape of the Chacruna leaf.

Chacruna leaves and ayahuasca vines are the ingredients used to make the tea more simply known as ‘ayahuasca’, the justifiably revered South American plant based medicine.

Organic cotton is a maharishi staple. Essential to every season, the fabric is FairTrade, environmentally friendly, regenerative and has a lighter carbon footprint than non-organic cotton.

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110,00 EUR